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from photography to art; from nature to music; whether your interests are Golf, food, skiing, or walking - not to mention our tumultuous history - our fabulous team does it all! 

Sandy dear


A true Highland gentleman, with bags of charm and seemingly inexhaustible treasure trove of great stories, Sandy is the guy who will take you to those out of the way, secret places that other tour guides don’t even know exist. If we could persuade the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh to clone Sandy, Inverness Custom Tours would be on course for total domination of the Scottish tour sector overnight.

With 25 years experience in Scottish tourism, and a lifelong passion for exploring every corner of this land, we know that he has the all key ingredients to make sure you have an unforgettable trip. Describing himself as the ‘hardest working tour guide this side of Skye’, Sandy says the one thing that makes him smile (other than a wee dram of Talisker at the end of a long day) is dropping guests off at their accommodation knowing they’ve enjoyed the best day of their trip to Scotland. 

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