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from photography to art; from nature to music; whether your interests are Golf, food, skiing, or walking - not to mention our tumultuous history - our fabulous team does it all! 

Christina Stewart

Christina - Beauly Priory 2.jpg

From empathetic interpretations of historical events to tales of fairy encounters, with snippets of songs and local traditions, Christina is an engaging guide who brings the landscape to life. Her friendly, accessible approach demystifies historical events, geography and local customs. She can even help you learn a handy phrase or two in the native Gaelic or Scots language.

She is full of local knowledge as she belongs to Inverness, where the Gaelic and Scots cultures of the Highlands meet and she has strong family connections across the Highlands as well as more southern parts of Scotland. She grew up in a home where the oral traditions of Scotland were valued and passed on in a rich treasure trove of stories, songs and folklore and where Scottish folk customs were still celebrated.

Christina deepened her knowledge at Edinburgh University where she graduated with a Master of the Arts degree with Honours in Scottish Ethnology and Scottish Historical Studies.  She has gone on to become a respected performer and tutor specialising in Scottish culture. With a number of studio albums of traditional song, Christina shares her enthusiasm and expertise with audiences throughout Scotland, continental Europe, and in the United States and will happily sing an impromptu song where appropriate on a tour. 

She regularly writes for Scottish magazines on topics related to history, heritage and culture and demonstrates features of Highland practices at cultural venues.  

“It’s a real privilege for me to share my wonderful homeland and to introduce people to its captivating history and heritage.  There’s nothing quite like an authentic experience and I want our guests to love it as much as I do!”


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