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from photography to art; from nature to music; whether your interests are Golf, food, skiing, or walking - not to mention our tumultuous history - our fabulous team does it all! 

Damien Quinn

Damien Quinn

Damien was born and raised in Edinburgh and from a young age was inspired to perform by the hundreds of acts that would flood Edinburgh every year during the Festival Fringe.


Drumming became a passion and he continues to play for various bands up and down the country. This varies in style from rock music to traditional ceilidh music. His college degree is in Sound Production and he has built a career in live music.


In 2010 he joined the medieval reenactment group The Historic Saltire Society. This saw him performing at castles and events all over the UK and even in Germany. This sparked an eagerness to delve deeper into Scotland's vast history and he moved into different time periods and naturally into tour guiding.


"Few things make me more excited than being able to show people around my beautiful county and tell them about Scotland's fascinating story."


While history and music takes up most of his time, he is also a huge whisky fan, visiting distilleries, attending events and even hosting whisky tastings from time to time. He also enjoys film, geek culture and scuba diving.

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