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from photography to art; from nature to music; whether your interests are Golf, food, skiing, or walking - not to mention our tumultuous history - our fabulous team does it all! 

nick Innes

Nick Innes

Nick comes from the town of Inverurie in the North East of Scotland where he was born and raised. He has a passion for the rich history Scotland has to offer and can often be found at various reenactments around the country bringing living history to the many of the historic sites of Scotland.

If he's not found talking about history he can often be found telling "folk tales" or passing on his passion for music, old and new, with his trusty guitar and if he's lucky.... with a whisky in hand. One of the many things he admires about Scotland is that even just on the drive between places, you're surrounded by stunning landscapes, with beautiful wildlife and an air of pride in such a beautiful country.

He has been a guide now for several years and loves being able to bring the gorgeous landmarks of Scotland to life by delving into history, weaving a tale, or if you ask nicely, a song or two in his own fun, energetic style. 

Just don't ask for jokes or tell him you don't like Haggis........

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