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Laura Moon

Laura was born and raised in a town south of Glasgow called East Kilbride. Realising she was spending too much time travelling to the Highlands for recreation, she decided to move there in 2003.


“Inverness has given me a fantastic way of life. The thing I love about living here is the easy access to some stunning and historically interesting places. I don’t have to go far to find something that makes my heart glad. Having a personal relationship with the area means that I can show you these places and entertain you with historical background that gives you a genuine flavour for the area.”


Laura holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and has her own practice, which is a mix of two-dimensional and three dimensional work.  In the last few years, she has gone back to her artistic roots and is exploring many aspects of textile art. In particular, she is a fanatical quilter and not ashamed to admit it!! Inverness has a burgeoning contemporary art scene, which co-exists with a number of exciting traditional galleries; Laura has her finger on the pulse of this. Knowing a variety of makers, she can take you to lesser-known places to find that unique keepsake. There is also the opportunity to incorporate an art or craft element to your tour so please ask about creative tour options.


Very much at home in the great outdoors Laura is a keen hill walker and skier. There is no better way to experience a place than to feel it under your feet. We have some of the most accessible and spectacular scenery in the world. I am passionate about sharing it with you. With this in mind, Laura is happy to incorporate a suitable walk into your tour days.


She sees herself as an excellent communicator and storyteller; her easy and clear tone of voice will entertain you with tales and information throughout your journey.


tripadvisor feedback


We booked a one-day tour with Inverness tours and Laura Moon was our tour guide. We chose a very wet and windy day - well I suppose that's most days ;) - for our tour but the sun came out later. Laura was 10 minutes early picking us up - I ADORE punctual people - and the tour was small, another couple and one other woman. We had a very comfortable van and we set off to start at Culloden hill which is a MUST visit for anyone interested in history. 

The best - the very best - part of this trip was Laura's storytelling style. She is so well-versed in her country's history, and she has such an entertaining, fun and captivating way of telling the stories that they will stay with you for a long time. She gave us free time to roam about each site after she gave us the spiel, and we felt we had both the tour time and the private time. One of my favourite sites was Clava Cairns, which was started around the Bronze Age, a truly spiritual site where you feel the quiet and the serenity as you step on the grounds. We learned SO MUCH, we laughed so much, we were even quizzed as to what we thought happened in those patches of history that are unknown to us as yet. Laura threw in a lot of fun Outlander facts too but if you're not an Outlander fan - such as my husband and the other guy there - you would enjoy the tour JUST as much!

I have done many tours in other countries and a few in Edinburgh. This was by far the very best. Thank you dear Laura and Inverness Tours for doing such a great GREAT job and creating such a wonderful lasting memory of Scotland for us.


Raleigh, North Carolina

laura's vehicle - ford tourneo

up to 8 people

Laura’s car is a Ford Tourneo and carries up to eight passengers. It is a comfortable and roomy car which is fully air conditioned.

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