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Spring is starting to... well, SPRING!!

Here at ICT HQ we are lucky to be surrounded by wildlife. Daily from the office window we watch the all out fighting that happens around the bird table!! Wow, those Robins are brutal. We love our garden and we are starting to work out what we will grow this year in the veg plot...AND just how we will deal with our nemesis' ....we have rabbits. Lots of rabbits. At the moment they are running around like the clappers trying to find a...a....a girlfriend(?) and generally enjoying the warmer weather. They SPRING about 3 feet in the air as they frollic around. Great fun to watch whilst we are working and very, very cute. THAT IS UNTIL WE START THE VEGTABLE GARDEN. THEN ALL BETS ARE OFF AND ITS US AGAINST THEM! I have made Ian promise not to resort to the shot gun. Although if the blighters start on my veg, that could change.... Rabbit Pie anyone?!

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